Hello World!

Being relatively new to web design and development, I am pretty excited to document my experiences so far, and the journey ahead.

It has been over a year since I started exploring this career path on Twitter. I remember that during the first six months I was so unsure about my ability to learn that my biggest barrier was overcoming self-doubt.

I tried out various programming languages, frameworks, and courses. I made mistakes along the way. I read all that I could on Twitter and elsewhere about people who made it into tech in their 30s. I even had a Tweet go viral! 🤯

All this helped me to evolve my personal roadmap that fits my interests and to help me realize my goals. Having succeeded in creating the roadmap, the only thing left to do is to follow through and succeed!

Expect short but frequent blog posts here that cover the roadmap that I am taking, the resources being used, my progress, inspirations, mistakes, failures, successes, and anything else that comes up as I move ahead. Stay tuned!